As our name indicate we are creating favourable Tech solutions.
We analyze daily life of our communities and find gaps that can be filled using technology. Favouriapps my apps

Welcome to Favouriapps

To Favouriapps there is no growth or great impact without these values:


Today everyone is amazed with new innovations and inventions in technology. But for us without integrity there is no meaning not only in technology but in our lives.


We create and deliver in a professionalism spirit


"The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever." We are focusing in the future.

About Us


As our name indicate (favourable apps) we are creating favourable applications. We analyze daily life of our communities and find gaps that can be filled using technology.

In future we aim Favouriapps to becoming a house/empire of favourable applications/softwares in the country, African continent and even beyond. Once wisely used, technology significantly improves each and every economic class.

We are good at

Mobile applications
Project analysis
Web applications


At Favouriapps we have worked on amazing projects so far


A mobile app to help born again Christians to meditate upon the Bible on a daily basis in a form of a static notification.

Parking System

We have developed a smart system to store data for parking places. Our software is currently being used in Kigali at different commercial buildings.

Covid-19 Tracing

During the lockdown period we did not seat behind but insteady we have worked with our country to find solutions to our problems. In that case we have developed a mobile app to trace covid-19 candidates in the public. The App is soon to be launched.

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