About FamilYanjye

A virtual e-wallet platform to help individuals, families and organisations to manage their money allocated for expenses use only.

Let's take some scenario of problems we are solving

  • An organisation allocates money to their employees on fields to be used during their stay, they use 70% and the rest goes to their pockets by being justified by fake receipts.
  • A parent who wants to give pocket money to their children but is afraid of how they are going to spend that money.
  • A housemaid asks for money to buy goods to be used at home, at the market she has used 80% of the amount and the rest goes to her pocket.

Targeted customers

  • Orgaisations: Which would like to manage money allocated to employees for business purpose.
  • Individuals: Who want to send money to their peers with purpose of paying services/products only.
  • Families: TO manage home expenses.

Advantages of FamilYanjye platform

No withdraw

Virtual e-wallet can not be withdrawn for other purposes other than paying services and products.

Promote saving

FamilYanjye promotes saving as it helps its users to differentiate money allocated for expenses from the rest.

No fake receipts

No place for fake receipts of employees to their orgaisations.

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